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Indoor plants are offered year-round in our heated greenhouse.  We've got the BEST selection in town.
Gourmet Garlic Starts

Plant gourmet garlic this month...17 different varieties while they last.
Fall Decor Is Here!

Ready to embrace cool nights and plaid shirts?  We're with you!  Come see us for seasonal favorites such as pumpkins, straw bales, and corn stalks.  Browse our Gift Shop for new decor items.
It's A Jungle In Here!
Need a new roommate?  We've got a greenhouse full of new houseplants that would love to come home with you.  Come see which one is compatible with your conditions.

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Hail ClothSelect Soils, Mulch, and Hail Fabric 30% off!

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Hardy Plants on Sale Now!

Perennials  *  Grasses   *  Shrubs  *Trees

Pumpkin Wooden

Fall is a GREAT time to plant in Colorado

Discounts aren't the only reason Fall is a good time to plant in Colorado.  Since the ground doesn't freeze solid for many months, hardy plants can put down roots and get a jump on next season's growth.  All they need is a little winter watering from you to help them get established.

Is Your Landscape Ready for Winter?

If you are new to Colorado, here are some things to do this Fall to help your plants bounce back in Spring.
*Use tree wrap on young trees & fruit trees
*Refresh mulch where it is thin
*Water your landscape THROUGHOUT Fall/Winter (when temps are above 40 degrees). 
*Fertilize lawns with a winterizer formula
*Plant bulbs in Fall for Spring blooms (tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth)
*Plant Garlic in October for a summer harvest

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