Gift Services

Phelan Gardens offers a variety of gift services to fit your needs. Most of our gift items suggested below may be purchased either in person or by phone and delivered to the recipient's home or place of work. (A minimal charge will be applied to all deliveries).

Gift Cards

giftcard2015Gift cards are available in any amount, and are a great idea when you're not entirely sure what your gardener is into. With a wide variety of plants, supplies, and garden decor, the lucky recipient of a gift card is sure to find something they'll love.

Custom Containers

customcomposite_pcojenIf you want to give happiness, custom containers and gift baskets from Phelan Gardens are as close as you can get. We can create mixed planters of annual flowers (in season), or year-round selections of houseplants, succulents and herb gardens. Have another thought?  Let us know!  We are happy to accommodate your ideas.  Come in to pick out the contents of your container, or trust the professionals at Phelan Gardens to create something truly beautiful and unique. Either way, our expert touch will ensure that your gift is truly memorable.

Personalized Gift Baskets

A Personalized Gift Basket including gardening items of your choice placed in a flowerpot or basket with a bow and card.  Popular items include seeds, garden gloves, or tools often with a small live plant such as a houseplant or herb.  But, we can put together just about any type of collection with in stock items. Pricing is based on the items chosen. This may be purchased in person or ordered over the phone and delivered on the date requested with a three-day advance notice.

Gifts that Grow (or help grow)

wateringcan_pcojenDuring the growing season we carry a large selection of outdoor plants. Choose from our quality perennials, shrubs or trees to send that special person.  Landscape plants are a gift that will bring enjoyment for many years to come.  We can deliver flowering perennials, shrubs or trees, and can even offer planting services if you like.

Our Garden Gift Shop is open year-round and offers an ever changing array of nature inspired decor such as: decorative pottery, plant stands, hummingbird feeders and fairy garden miniatures.  Want to send something practical?  We have all manner of fertilizers and garden support products.  Just ask.

Gift Registry and Landscape Registry

piceaspruceclose2_pcojenWe offer both Gift and Landscape Registry. These are a wonderful option for any couple planning to move into a new home, or who want to improve the landscape of their existing residence. It also shows the thoughtfulness of the gift giver as it continues to increase the value of the home.

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