Hanging Baskets and Containers

hangingbasketmossCan't "contain" your enthusiasm for new and exciting combinations?

Neither can we!

Visit us at Phelan Gardens to see great combinations in action. You will find that we use annuals, perennials, herbs, and even shrubs in our containers. Explore the world of contrast, color, and texture to create your own container gardens and hanging baskets OR simply select from our ready made items.   We will custom p


ot just about any combination you can conjure.  Have a favorite container?  Bring it in and we'll fill it up for you.  Like to get your own hands in the dirt? (we know the feeling!)  If so, here are a few of our tips for you...Container Gardening Tips

Insider’s Tip:   Annuals only need about 8” of soil to grow during the season. So, if you are using a deep container, save yourself a few bucks on potting soil and partially fill the bottom of your large planter with lightweight material (bark, perlite  straw, even packing peanuts!). This trick also helps reduce overall container weight should you decide to move your container around during the season.

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