Legacy Trees

treeupward4_pcojenPhelan Gardens' legacy tree program is a special way to remember lost loved ones. Whether you've lost a family member, dear friend, or beloved pet, planting a legacy tree can help with the healing process. The tree planting itself is great for bringing people together and reminiscing. 

What makes the tree even more special is how it bridges the gap between the past and the present. You'll be able to sit under the canopy, enjoying the moment, and reflecting on the past. The legacy tree will provide enjoyment and a place for reflection for years to come.

Its been special for us to be a part of legacy tree plantings. 

If you want to celebrate the life of a lost family member, friend, or beloved pet, Phelan Gardens offers 20% off all trees that celebrate a legacy here on Earth. Delivery and installation cost are dependent upon zip code, but if we install it you'll receive a one year warranty.

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