Hardy Ornamental Grasses


Want a low maintenance, tough alternative for your yard?   Look to ornamental grasses!  They offer landscape interest from late spring through late winter.  Think of them as a ‘buff’ evergreen for your winter garden.  Grasses provide:

*Variegated or colorful Fall leaves that offer good contrast with other plants
*Color and texture in Fall
*Winter interest especially when paired with evergreens
*Low maintenance care
*A lovely solution for windy locations

What Size Do You Need?


Size varies from small, front of the border accent grasses to large focal points of over 12 feet tall.    Larger grasses make excellent screens, windbreaks, or striking accent points in the landscape.  Plant ornamental grasses where the wind can move through them.  Movement and sound will add a new dimension to your garden.

Growing Conditions and Maintenance

Most grasses need full sun, though a few varieties are adaptable to part shade.  Soil should be reasonably fertile.   Water consistently during the first season to establish healthy root growth.   Add 1”–2” of mulch to conserve moisture around the roots.  Once established, most grasses require much less moisture and minimal feeding.  Once-a-year maintenance includes cutting the old foliage back in early spring before new blades emerge.grasses_winter_pcojen

Ornamental grasses fall into one of two categories—cool season or warm season.  Cool season grasses produce new growth about the same time as bulbs and peonies, while warm season grasses tend to wait until warmer weather begins. Take advantage of these traits to complement spring flowers or hide dying bulb foliage. 

Please Note:  In stock availability of specific varieties listed below will vary depending upon time of season and sales. Please call (719) 574-8058 for current availability.

Big Bluestem (Andropogon)

Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries Inc

Height: 4'-7'

Spread: 2'-3'

Type:  Warm Season

Exposure: Full Sun

Other Notes:  A native North American Grass.  Silvery-blue foliage with purplish flower spikes in late summer.  Foliage turns a reddish-copper color in fall.  Clumping.

Blue Fescue (Festuca glauca)

festuca_fescue_pcojenHeight:  8”-12”

Spread:  8”-12”

Type:  Cool Season

Exposure:  Sun

Other Notes:  Mound forming, blue green in color, early summer flowering, good companion for gray or purple foliage and spring bulbs

Blue Gramma Grass (Bouteloua)

 'Blonde Ambition'

Blue Gramma Blonde AmbitionHeight: 30"-36"

Spread: 30"-36"

Exposure: Full to Part Sun

Type: Warm Season

Other Notes:  Blue green foliage gives rise to chartreuse, aging to buff flowers.  They look like little eyelashes.  These seed heads remain in winter giving a completely new look of ornamental seed heads for the home gardener.   A Plant Select plant.

Blue Avena Grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens)

Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc


Height:  2’-3’

Spread:  2’-3’

Exposure:  Sun

Type:  Cool Season

Other Notes:  Fine, spiky arching blue-green blades with oatlike seedheads.   Foliage stays low and the seedheads create a fan-like appearance

Feather Reed Grass (Calamagrostis arundinacea)

Karl Foerster Early Summer Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Karl Foerster Late Summer

Height:  3’-4’

Spread:  2’

Exposure:  Sun to part sun

Type:  Cool season

Other Notes: Blooms early, upright narrow habit, and fine textured arching blades.  Decorative plumes fade to yellow cream in winter.  One of the earliest to emerge in spring.

‘Karl Foerster’: green leaves
‘Avalanche': variegated white & green leaves

Avalanche Photo Courtesy Bailey Nursreries
Feather Reed Grass In Winter

Fountain Grass, Dwarf (Pennisetum)

Little Bunny Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc

Exposure:  Full Sun

Type:  Warm Season

Other Notes:   Miniature fountain grasses that mix well in beds and borders. Fuzzy seed heads appear in mid-summer and resemble 'bunny tails.'   Foliage turns golden rust in Fall.

Little Bunny: Dwarf type: Height 18" (in bloom).  Spread: 20"-24"

Indian Rice Grass (Oryzopsis)

Photo Courtesy Chelsea Nursery

Height:  18"-24"

Spread:  12"

Exposure:  Full Sun

Type:  Cool Season

Other Notes:  A North American native bunchgrass... this small stature grass adds light and airy texture to borders. It looks delicate but this is a tough grass that can survive in dry conditions, often growing with sagebrush and Juniper. Requires well-drained soil.  Will re-seed.

Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata)

Variety: 'Red Baron'

Grass Red Baron Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc
Red Baron Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc

Height: 18"-20"
Spread: 18"
Exposure: Full Sun
Type: Warm Season
Other Notes: Another grass for pronounced burgundy color. Emerges green with red tips and deepens as the season progresses. Plant in well-drained, moist soil. This grass is grown for its beautiful red foliage as flowers are insignificant. It will naturalize over time and is considered invasive in some parts of the U.S.

Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa)

Variety: 'Aureola'

Hakonechloa Japanese Forest Grass Aureola

Leaves tinged color in cold

Height: 1'-2'

Spread: 2'-3'

Exposure:  Morning or dappled light.  Will also grow in full shade.
Avoid hot afternoon sun.

Type:  Warm Season -- truly, it will be slow to emerge in Spring.

Other Notes:  Brilliant yellow foliage tinges pinkish red in cooler weather. Beautiful cascading habit.   Seed heads are inconspicuous.  Average water needs -- but prefers consistent moisture.

Korean Feather Grass (Calamagrostis brachytricha)

Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 4'

Spread: 3'

Exposure: Sun to Part Sun

Type: Warm Season

Other Notes: Unlike it's cousin, Feather Reed Grass, Korean Feather is a WARM season grass that hails from Asia.  It will come into full glory as summer progresses with blooms late summer into early fall.  Plumes are purplish red when they first open and then lighten to a greenish tan.  A striking wide bladed grass that is adaptable to partial shade.  Flowering will be more profuse in full sun.  Habit is upright and arching.  Zone 4.

Little Bluestem Grass (Schizachyrium)

Variety: 'Prairie Blues'

Prairie Blues Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc
Prairie Blues Fall Color Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc

Height: 3'

Spread:  18"

Exposure:  Full Sun

Type:  Warm Season

Other Notes:  A North American native with narrow blue-gray blades.  Silver seed heads appear in Fall. Foliage color will change to pinkish orange as temperatures cool in Autumn.  Will grow in hot dry areas.

Maiden Grass (Miscanthus)

Also known as Eulalia Grass

Maiden (M. gracillimus) Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc
Maiden (M. gracillimus) in Fall. Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height:  4’-6’

Spread:  3’-5’

Exposure:  Sun to Part Sun

Type:  Warm season

Other Notes:  Vase to round shaped grasses, bloom in late summer and fall, tassels usually hang on into winter.  A long-lived landscape plant.  Put it where you want it because they are difficult to move once established.


Adagio Photo Courtesy Willoway Nurseries
Little Miss Fall Color Photo Courtesy Emerald Coast Growers

Adagio: 3'-4' H x W, rounded form.  A dwarf Maiden Grass with a good showing of creamy/tan plumes in late summer. Zone 5

Little Miss:
2'-3' H xW.  A very compact Maiden Grass. Blades begin to turn color in summer and finish a bright purple/red in fall. Zone 5.

Maiden Grass/Eulalia (gracillimus):  5’-6'H x 3’-4’W  Rounded mounds of fine, silver veined green leaves have a graceful arch.  Fall: Golden yellow foliage, plumes emerge reddish and tinge to silvery white.  One of the oldest types of Maiden Grass. Zone 5

Morning Light
Porcupine (M. strictus) Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc
Porcupine (M. strictus) Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc

Morning Light:  4'H x 3'W, variegated white and green leaves, rounded habit.  Zone 5

Porcupine (Strictus): 4'-6'H x 4'-6'W, horizontal cream banding on wide green blades.  Upright, arching vase habit.


Purple Maiden Grass / Flame Grass (purpurescens): 4'-6'H x 2'W.  Upright habit. Green blades in summer turn bright orange tinged red in fall and are topped with tan seed heads. A little hardier than most at Zone 4 cold tolerance.


Purple Maiden Grass Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc

Yaku Jima: 3'-4'H x 3'-4'W.  Green foliage.  Buff flowers with red tinges fade to silver.  Foliage is reddish brown in Fall, fading to tan in winter

Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa tenuissima AKA Nasella)

Variety: 'Pony Tails'

Pony Tails Photo Courtesy Proven Winners

Height:  18"-24"

Spread:  18"-24"

Exposure:  Full Sun

Type:  Cool Season (semi-Evergreen)

Other Notes:  Buff seed heads persist on bright green blades all season.  Moves in the slightest breeze and creates a lovely texture.  May be short-lived but does best in well-drained, poor to average soil.  Heat and drought tolerant.   Zone 6 -- but often overwinters in Zone 5.   Wonderful in containers too.

Pampas / Ravenna Grass (Erianthus ravennae)

Photo Courtesy Walters Gardens Inc

Height:  10’-12’

Spread:  5’

Exposure:  Sun

Type:  Warm Season

Other Notes:  Very tall—excellent specimen grass.   Arching green leaves stay at about 3’.   Blooms late summer, of tall silver/purple panicles rise above the foliage to 12’.  Lightens to a buff color that holds all winter.    Colorado’s alternative to true non-hardy Pampas Grass.

Ribbon Grass (Phalaris arundinacea)

'Strawberries and Cream' (pink tinge to the white/green leaf)

Strawberries and Cream Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Strawberries and Cream Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 24’-36’

Spread: 3’-4’+

Exposure: Sun to part sun

Type: Cool season

Other Notes: Warning: This grass likes to go romping through your garden. In other words—it spreads! So put it in a place where you don’t mind it wandering to fill in a space. Variegated green/white foliage is very striking. May go brown in hot weather.


Switch Grass (Panicum)


Shenandoah Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries Inc

Height: 3’-4’

Spread:  2'-3'

Exposure:  Sun

Type:  Cool Season

Other Notes:  This is a smaller version of switch grass.  Green leaves are tipped in burgundy in early summer.  As the season progresses, the burgundy color becomes more prominent.  Flowers are pink, airy plumes held high above the grass.  The entire grass will age to a buff color in winter.

Tufted Hair Grass (Deschampsia)

'Northern Lights'

Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height:  1'

Spread:  1'

Exposure: Part Sun (avoid hot afternoon sun)

Type: Cool Season

Other Notes:  This grass would enjoy a morning sun, or dappled light location.  It is a bog grass, so a moist location is key.  It will reward you with delicate early buff flowers in June.   Small in stature, it mixes well in perennial gardens.  'Northern Lights' has green/cream variegated leaves that tinge pink in cool weather.



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