Ornamental Trees

GREAT things come in small packages

Crimson Cloud Hawthorn in bloom

Smaller in stature than shade trees, ornamentals have a more narrow spread making them easier to fit in small yards. Often, they add landscape interest in the form of flowers, fruit, or fall color. Many offer 3-4 seasons of interest.

Fruit trees are also ornamental.  But, they are a bit more work than those listed below, so we've grouped them together here. If you are up for yearly maintenance (and harvest!), they make wonderful ornamentals as well.

Please Note:  In stock availability of specific varieties listed below will vary depending upon time of season and sales.  Please call (719) 574-8058 for current availability.

Aspen (Populus)

Fall Color

Height: 30'-40'

Spread: 12'-15'

Fall Color: Yellow to Orange

Other Notes: Native tree with pretty white bark and trembling leaves. Prefers rich, moist soil. Trees will sucker, forming groves. They do best at higher elevations. At lower elevations we see many disease and insect problems.  We offer these trees in pots of single trunk (pictured) or multi-stemmed clumps.  

Cherry, Ornamental (Prunus)

Cprunuscanadaredsummerwide_pcojenanada Red Cherry AKA Shubert Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana)


Height: 20'-30'

Spread: 20'

Flowers: Pendulous clusters of white

flowers in late spring, followed by purple-red cherries.

Fall Color: Reddish-purple

Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt
Pink Flair Cherry (Prunus sargentii)
Fall Color

Height: 25'

Spread: 15'

Flowers: Clusters of single pink blossoms in Spring

Fall Color: Orange-red

Other Notes: Upright, narrow, vase-shape. Narrow and upright in form, but compact in height, this flowering cherry is well suited for urban landscapes. It avoids frost damage by flowering a week or two later than is typical of the species. Fall color is consistently bright, and its upright symmetry gives winter appeal.

Crabapple (Malus)

It's hard to beat crabapples for a show of spring flowers! They are typically as wide as they are tall which gives them a broad rounded shape. If you like the flowers but not the fruit, check out 'Spring Snow.'  It flowers profusely with little or no fruit.   Crabapples can also be useful to pollinate apple trees that produce edible fruit.  They must bloom the same time as your apple tree to do this.  Blooming times for ornamental crabapples are listed below.

Coralburst Crabapple
Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 10'-15'

Spread: 10'-15'

Flowers: Coral pink buds and double rose colored flowers. (Late blooming variety)

Fall Color: Small ½" bronze fruit is not particularly ornamental. 

Other Notes: A compact crabapple with a rounded shape.  Slow growing, hardy and a good choice for smaller spaces.

Klehm's Improved Bechtel Crabapple
Photo Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 20'

Spread: 18'

Flowers: Fragrant double light pink flowers  (Late blooming variety)

Fall Color: Leaves turn orange to orange-red. Fruit is over 1" and sparse.

Other Notes:  Rounded shape.

Royal Raindrops
Photos Courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

Height: 20'

Spread: 15'

malusroyalraindropscrabappleclose_photocourtesybaileynurseriesincFlowers: Deep pink.  

Fall Color: Orange-red leaves and small 1/4" red fruit. 

Other Notes: A purple-leaf type that changes color in Fall.  Upright spreading habit. 

Spring Snow Crabapple
Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 20'-25'

Spread: 20'

malusspringsnowclose_pcojenFlowers: Sterile profuse double white blossoms cover the tree in early spring and produce little to no fruit.  (Early blooming variety)

Fall color: Yellow

Other Notes: Bark when young is a shiny amber color, very pretty.

Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Gladiator Crabapple

Height: 20'

Spread: 9' (narrow spread great for smaller spaces!)

Flowers: Bright pink

Fall Color: Purple leaves with small reddish-purple fruit

Other Notes: Gladiator™ is an excellent ornamental tree with a profusion of bright pink flowers on a stately, upright crown. Glossy bronze-purple leaves remain lush all season long and are highly disease resistant. Gladiator is an ideal ornamental tree for space-challenged site.

Perfect Purple Crabapple
Photo Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 20'

Spread: 20'

Flowers: Deep pink  

Fall Color:  Deep purple leaves with purple-red fruit

Other Notes:  Leaves are purple in season as well as in Fall. Deep pink blooms set the spring stage for dark purple foliage that crowns the perfectly rounded canopy of this attractive tree. Very cold hardy.

Ruby Tears
(Weeping Crabapple)
Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 8'-10'

Spread: 12'-15'

Flowers: Pink  

Fall Color: Leaf color is insignificant but dark red fruit persists into winter.

Other Notes:  Red buds open to fragrant pink flowers which completely engulf the cascading branches each spring. This naturally weeping crab has burgundy-green new growth that fades to green in season. 

Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Indian Magic Crabapple

Height: 15'-20'

Spread: 15'-20'

Flowers: Single red buds open to deep pink flowers. (Late blooming variety)

Fall Color: Small ½" glossy red fruit changes to orange. Yellow leaf color in Fall.

malusindianmagiccrabclose_photocourtesybaileynuseriesincOther Notes: Deep green leaves during the season. Birds love the fruit.

Prairie Fire Crabapple
Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 15'-20'

Spread: 20'

Flowers: Hot pink buds open to medium pink.  (Late blooming variety)

Fall Color: 1/2" Red fruit and leaves tinge orange/yellow.

malusprairifirecrabclose_photocourtesybaileynurseriesincOther Notes:  Dark leaf variety.  The bark is a glossy dark red and the fruit persists on the tree.

Sargent Crabapple
Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 6'-8'

Spread: 12'

Flower: Fragrant 1" flowers are pink in bud and open to white in Spring. (Late blooming variety)

Fall Color: Small, bright red fruits are favored by birds.

Other Notes: Wider than it is tall, this tree is a dwarf spreading type.

Dogwood (Cornus)

Chinese Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa chinensis)
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height:  20'

Spread:  20'

Flowers: White in early summer

Fall Color:  Red-orange with edible red fruits

Other Notes:  Rounded shape. Flowers, fruit, fall foliage and exfoliating bark deliver four-season beauty. In early summer, star-shaped white blossoms overlay tough, heat and drought resistant leaves. Edible red fruits form in late summer, attract birds and persist through the fall. Fall colors of red, orange and scarlet fall to reveal a distinctive horizontal branching pattern and mottled tan/grey bark.  Zone 5. 

Elm (Ulmus)

Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries
'Frontier' Elm

Height:  25'

Spread:  15'

Fall Color:  Purple-red

Other Notes: The U.S. National Arboretum presents 'Frontier', an elm tree of moderate stature. This hybrid combines a high level of tolerance to Dutch elm disease, and a lovely red-purple autumn coloration. It is perfect for use in smaller landscapes, along city streets, and under power lines. 'Frontier' blazes a trail for elms in the urban landscape. Zone 5.

'Prospector' Elm

Photos J Frank Schmidt

Height:  50'

Spread:  25'

Fall Color:  Yellow

Other Notes: The U.S. National Arboretum presents Ulmus wilsoniana 'Prospector', an elm of Asian origin with proven pest and Dutch elm disease resistance. 'Prospector' offers the vase shape, dense crown, and large green leaves of its American cousin but in a smaller package. It is a great choice for spaces that need an American elm but aren’t quite large enough. Try 'Prospector' as a street tree, under power lines, in municipal sites or parks, and, of course, at home. Plant in well-drained soil. Leaves emerge orange-red and turn to green during the season and yellow in Fall.   Zone 5.   

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

'Princeton Sentry' Ginkgo (aka Maidenhair Tree)
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height:  40'

Spread:  15'

Flowers:  Green (inconspicuous)

Fall Color:  Bright yellow

Other Notes: Fan shaped leaves. A male selection (won't produce fruit) of ginkgo with a narrow spread for smaller yards. A nice yellow fall color.  Prefers moist, sandy, well drained soil but will tolerate clay. Zone 4.

Golden Raintree (Koelreuteria paniculata)

Photo Courtesy J Bailey Nurseries

Height: 20'-30'

Spread: 15'-20'

Flowers: Large sprays of yellow flowers in mid-summer followed by Chinese lantern-like pods.

Fall Color: Yellow

Other Notes:  Native to China and Japan, this small tree grows well in a wide range of soils, and is tolerant of heat, drought, wind, alkalinity, and air pollution. The bright yellow flowers are borne in large 12-15" panicles in July, followed by greenish fruit pods throughout the summer.

Hawthorn (Crataegus)

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorncrataegushawthornthornlesswide_pcojen
Summer Berries

Height: 20'-30'

Spread: 20'-35'

Flowers: Creamy white in late Spring.

Fall Color: Green berries turn into a bright red that persists through winter. Orange leaf color.

Fall/Winter Berries

Other Notes: Glossy green leaves.  Horizontal growth habit. Bark exfoliates in thin strips.  Interesting green berries in summer give the tree a two-tone effect.

Winter King Thornless Hawthorn
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height:  20'-25'

Spread:  20-25'

Flowers:  Creamy white in late Spring

Fall Color:  Bright red fruits and yellow leaves

Other Notes:  Wide-spreading showy gray branches exfoliate with age to show the attractive orange inner bark.

Lilac Tree (Syringa) / Japanese Lilac Tree

'Ivory Silk' Lilac Tree
Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

syringajapanesetreelilacsnowdance_pcojenHeight: 20'-25'

Spread: 15'-20'

Flowers: Showy, creamy white 'lilac' shaped flowers in early summer followed by tan fruit.

Fall Color: Not showy—gold tones.

Other Notes: Related to shrub form of lilacs. Dark cherry brown bark. Rounded vase-shape with age.

Locust (Robinia)

'Twisty Baby' Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 15'-20'

Spread: 15'-20'

Flowers: Uniquely shaped white flowers form in clusters

Fall Color: Yellow

Other Notes: This is a dwarf, contorted tree of remarkable appearance. Branches twist and turn at every node; even the foliage twists. Its irregular, artistic form is as interesting in winter as in summer.

Maple (Acer)

Box Elder Maple 'Sensation'  (Acer negundo)
Photo Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 30'

Spread:  25'

Fall Color:  Red

Other Notes: Rounded shape. Seedless variety. Sensation is a male box elder clone that features slower, more controlled growth, improved branch structure, and an outstanding display of brilliant red autumn foliage.

Norway Maple 'Armstrong Gold' (Acer platanoides)
Photo Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 40'

Spread: 12'-15'

Fall Color: Yellow/orange shades

Other Notes: A tall and narrow maple tree with nice fall color. Good for smaller yards.

Norway Maple 'Crimson Sunset'  (Acer truncatum x Acer platanoides)
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 35'

Spread:  25'

Fall Color:  Reddish bronze

Other Notes: Upright oval shape. Deep maroon leaves in season lighten to reddish bronze in Fall. Flourishes in the summer heat.  Zone 4.

Flame/Amur Maple (Acer ginnala)

Height: 15'-20'

Spread: 20'-25'

Fall Color: Ranges from orange-yellow to red

Other Notes: A graceful irregular shape with slender branches. Rounded shape. Extremely hardy and drought tolerant. Medium green leaves in season are adorned with decorative samaras in summer. Leaves turn bright shades in fall. We offer the tree form, but you will also see this tree grown around Colorado Springs as a multi-stem large shrub.

'Ruby Slippers' Flame/Amur Maple (Acer ginnala)

Height: 20'

Spread:  20'

Fall Color:  Bright Red

Other Notes:  Upright spreading to rounded shape (branches low to the ground) Medium green leaves in season are adorned with decorative samaras in summer.  Leaves turn bright shades in fall. This named variety offers more uniformity.  Selected for a straight trunk and dense canopy.

Tatarian Maple 'Rugged Charm' (Acer tataricum)
Photo Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 25'

Spread: 15'

Flowers: Small clusters of fuzzy white flowers followed by bright red tipped samaras.

Fall Color: Yellow to Orange-Red traditional maple color.

Other Notes: Compact and oval in form, the shapely canopy of this refined selection is a charming improvement over the hardy and rugged species! Bright red seed wings float in bright contrast against summer’s green leaves. Come autumn, the boldly textured foliage shows off a rich mix of yellow, orange, and bright red.

Oakleaf Mountain Ash

Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries


Height: 30'

Spread: 20'

Flowers: Clusters of small white flowers.

Fall: Showy orange-red fruit that persists into winter. Leaves turn rust colored.

Other Notes: This tree is grown from seed originally collected from Cheyenne Horticultural Field Station, Wyoming. A hybrid derived from European Mountain ash and Swedish Mountain ash, it is uniform with leaves lobed like English oak, and has white flowers followed by orange-red fruit.


Pear, Ornamental (Pyrus)

Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

pyruspearbloom_pcojenHeight: 25'-30'

Spread: 15'

Flowers: Clusters of creamy-white flowers in early Spring before leaves emerge

Fall color: Red/Purple tones.

Other Notes: This is one of the first trees to bloom in Spring and one of the last ones to drop its leaves in Fall. A very nice ornamental that fits in a small space due to its pyramidal, upright shape.

Plum, Flowering --Ornamental Plum (Prunus)

Newport Plum  (Prunus cerasifera)                        
Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurserie Inc

Height: 15'-20'

Spread: 15'-20'

Flowers: Fragrant pink blossoms in spring followed by small purple fruit.

Fall Color: Purple-red leaves.

Other Notes: Deep purple-red leaves all season. Rounded form.

Newport Plum 'Thundercloud'  (Prunus cerasifera)                
Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 15'-20'

Spread: 15'-20'

Flowers: Fragrant single pink blossoms bloom in Spring before the foliage emerges.

Fall Color: Glossy Purple-red leaves all season.

Other Notes: Seldom bears fruit.  Zone 5

Redbud (Cercis)

Redbud, Eastern
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 25'

Spread: 30''

Flowers: Lavender pink pea-like flowers in Spring emerge before the leaves

Fall Color: Yellow hues

Other Notes: Heart-shaped leaves emerge after the flowers. Zone 5. Rounded shape at maturity.

Serviceberry a.k.a Saskatoon or Juneberry (Amelanchier grandiflora)

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Photos Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Height: 20-25'

Spread: 18'-20'

Flowers: Profuse white flowers in spring.

Fall Color: Yellow, Orange, Red leaves persist with purple/black berries.

Other Notes: You may not think of this as a typical fruit tree. It bears edible fruit in June that tastes similar to a blueberry. (sometimes called a Juneberry) Great fresh, in jams/jellies & pies. An ornamental tree and also a favorite of birds.

Spring Flurry
Photos Courtesy J Frank Schmidt

Height: 28'

Spread: 20'

Flowers: Clusters of white flowers in spring.

Fall Color: Orange-red leaves

Other Notes: A tree form serviceberry with a strong central leader.  As with other serviceberries, it produces edible 3/8" blue fruit in summer.  An ornamental tree that gives flowers in Spring and a good show of color in the Fall.  Upright oval shape.

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