Hot Wings Maple Trees

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Hot Wings Maple Tree Varieties (All Bare Root Plants are Pick Up ONLY)
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Hot Wings Maple - Bright red samaras (seed pods) put on a show in the late summer months followed by deep red fall colors. 18’ x 18’. Zone 4. 

General tree size is 6 foot to 8 foot but will be subject to change. 

Why Bare Root
The benefits of buying and planting bare root trees are extensive. Bare root trees are more cost effective and will typically reach their mature size quicker. They are easier to manage and plant due to not being established within a medium in a container. Bare root shrubs and trees will grow faster since they have 200% more root mass than that of trees purchased in a container or B&B. The plants are also not having to go through the adjustment period of acclimating to different soil conditions since they are not coming in a medium.  For more information, please see CSU Extension Service’s “The Science of Planting Trees.”

Pickup for all Bare Root Plants will take place at The Shire at Old Ranch (3860 Old Ranch Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80908). 

Pickup will take place April 6, 7, 13 and 14 with planting demonstrations on Saturday April 6 and 13 at 10:00am. 


Please see the CSU Extensions "The Science of Planting Trees" for best practices on planting and caring for your Bare Root Trees