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Annuals For Shade

Made for the Shade!

Set the annuals listed below in areas with gentle sun exposure: morning sun locations, beneath a shady deck, or in dappled light...such as under the canopy of trees. If you are working in very deep shade, light colored flowers (whites and pastels) and light colored leaves brighten up the area really well. For a list of foliage plants for shade, click the link below.  Annuals may be planted in-ground for season long bloom or in combination with perennials and shrubs. They also work well in containers that can be moved around for pops of color. See our links below to help you with these endeavors.

Container Tips & Tricks

Accent Foliage to Pair with Annuals

Fertilizing & Care

We recommend you fertilize with a slow release fertilizer at planting time (Osmocote or natural Marine Cuisine). Follow up with a good liquid fertilizer when blooming starts to fade. Many of the newer hybrid annuals do not need to be deadheaded to produce new blooms. However, it won't hurt if you choose to do this. Give haircuts later in the season as your plants become leggy. Light pruning will encourage new growth and give you fuller plants.

Insider's Tip: Later in the season...treat yourself to a fun 'flower' day trip to the Ft. Collins Trial Gardens.

Pictured below are the types of annuals we offer in Spring.  Varieties will change each year...come see what's new this season!

**Please note, for best selection visit Mid-April to Mid-May. **

Begonia - Reiger Types

Begonia - Tuberous types

When begonias are in full bloom, you know summer is here!  These warm-weather loving annuals are the largest blooming begonia.  They will bloom even in the deepest of shade.   Although you can also place them in bright shade as well. Very pretty when paired with ferns.

Begonia - Wax Types

Smaller blooms and tough!  Like the other types of begonias they will bloom in deep shade but can also be planted in full sun.  Height is generally short...although some of the newer hybrids are knee high.  Green and bronze leaf types available in packs.


Hang them high and watch them grow!  We primarily carry trailing types that work best in  hanging baskets or containers.

Impatiens: New Guinea Types

The gold standard of impatiens...these showstoppers typically have larger blooms than regular impatiens and always have deep dark green or bronze leaves.

Impatiens: Garden Types

We typically sell these single flowering types in packs.  There are tons of color choices.  Use them in your garden beds or as fillers in containers.


These sweet little faces come in a multitude of colors including blue, purple, yellow, pink, orange, and even dark red.   They bloom the most during the cooler weather of late spring/early summer and fall.

Wishbone Flower (Torenia)

So named for the tiny 'wishbone' within the center of each bloom. Torenia likes warm weather and bright shade. With their mounding habit, they make wonderful fillers for mixed shade containers and baskets.


Violas look like miniature pansies and take virtually the same type of care.  They like cool weather for the best bloom display.  Although they are technically an annual, they will often come back from year to year when planted in the ground.  Many, many colors available during the bedding plant season and again in Fall.

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