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Due to their ease of maintenance, hardy shrub roses are wildly popular.  Shrub roses were bred by crossing the very hardy old garden roses (roses developed before 1900) with hybrid teas.  The old garden roses, developed in Greece, Rome, and Europe, came from plants in colder climates.  These plants release water from their cells in winter and send it down to the roots.  They experience very little dieback, and do not need pruning except for older canes that die out in the winter.   If in Spring the cane is green all the way to the tip, it doesn't have to be pruned.  They do not need fertilizing more than once or twice a summer, unlike hybrid teas that are such heavy feeders.  Although we cannot grow ALL shrub roses in Colorado Springs, there are hardy varieties in almost every color except blue that do very well here.   See our rose information and care sheet for more details. Looking for something taller?  Click here to see a listing of our climbing roses.

** Please Note:  In stock availability of specific varieties listed below will vary depending upon time of season and sales.   Roses are first available around Mother's Day weekend (weather permitting).  The varieties listed below are those we have ordered for 2023.  Come early for the best selection. Please visit us to view current varieties.

A note on Hybrid Tea roses: Hybrid Teas are bred from more tender roses, so they are not as adaptable to our climate.  Because their cells retain water when winter comes, they can experience damage both from cold and the fluctuations between freeze and thaw common to our climate.  For best success, site Hybrid Tea roses in a Southern exposure, near your house.  Additionally, you MUST mulch these roses (6"-8" deep) over winter. During the growing season, maintain Hybrid

Teas with proper pruning and consistent moisture.  They are heavy feeders and will require fertilizer once per month from mid-May to mid-August.  If you would like to avoid the high maintenance of these types of roses, plant a hardy shrub rose, such as those listed below.  Despite their extra care, there are a few Hybrid Teas that are requested of us each year.  To meet this demand, we will offer the Hybrid Teas  pictured below at the start of the Spring season.

2023 Hybrid Teas Not Pictured:  Good As Gold, Hotel California, Over the Moon

Miniature Roses

We offer a small selection of miniature roses each Spring.  While the actual blooms may vary from clustered floribundas to standard sized flowers, overall mature plant size is considered miniature. Their smaller stature makes them easy to tuck into most gardens.  Most varieties pictured below will be between 1'-2' high and wide at maturity.  Miniature roses listed below are also typically a Zone 5 for hardiness.  So, they should be planted by our customers who live "in town" as they may not overwinter as well for those that live at higher elevations around the El Paso County region.

2023 Miniature Roses Not Pictured: Be My Baby, Rainbow's End, Tiddly Winks


Shrub Roses

All the Rage

Color of Bloom: Coral buds open to salmon-pink flowers with yellow centers. Everblooming.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Slight

Mounding, round habit.

Arctic Blue

Color of Bloom: Lavender-blue flowers with a creamy base produced in clusters.

Height: 4'-6’

Spread: 3’-4’

Fragrance: Slight

Floribunda. Continuous Bloomer. Zone 5.

At Last

Color of Bloom:  Peachy/orange

Height:  3'

Spread:  3'

Fragrance: Yes! Sweet

This rose has the appearance of a tea rose.  It was bred by Proven Winners for disease resistance while still offering fragrance and the beautiful tea rose type flower form. This is a hard combo to find in a rose.  Everblooming. Zone 5.

Belinda's Blush

Color of Bloom: Very light pink and cream tones

Height: 4'-6'

Spread:  3'-4'

Fragrance:  Yes, strong and fruity

This rose is unusual in that it is nearly thornless.  Nice as a cutting rose.  Zone 5.

Blanc De Coubert

Color of Bloom: Large double white flowers. Repeat bloomer.

Height: 4’-6’

Spread: 4’-6’

Fragrance: Strong clove scent

Orange-red hips develop in Fall. Vigorous with great disease resistance. Zone 3.


Color of Bloom: Sprays of clear light pink. Repeat bloomer.

Height: 2'-3'

Spread: 2'-4'

Fragrance: No

Orange-red hips in Fall. American Rose Society All-American Rose Selection.


Color of Bloom: Yellow edged in deep pink

Height: 3'

Spread: 3'

Fragrance: None

Upright, mounded, compact rose. Everblooming. Zone 3.

Champagne Wishes

Color of Bloom: Apricot buds open to a creamy antique white.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Slight

Upright rounded habit.

Cinco de Mayo

Color of Bloom: Unique color! - smoky lavender meets rusty rose. Continuous bloomer.

Height: 2’-4’

Spread: 3’-4’

Fragrance: Mild

Floribunda. Hardy to Zone 5.

Como Park

Color of Bloom: Medium red. Recurrent blooming.

Height: 2.5'

Spread: 2'

Fragrance: Slight

Compact, tough rose. Rounded form will be covered from top to bottom in medium red, double blossoms. Own root. Zone 4. Easy Elegance Rose.

Easy on the Eyes

Color of Bloom: Unique clusters of semi-double lavender pink with a purple center. Everblooming.

Height: 3’-4’

Spread: 3’-4’

Fragrance: Mild citrus & spice scent

Vigorous with great disease resistance. Zone 5.

Ebb Tide

Color of Bloom: Large smoky plum flowers bloom in clusters

Height: 2'-4'

Spread: 2'-4'

Fragrance: Strong clove scent

Unique color on a compact rose. Repeat bloomer.

Forever and Ever Pink

Color of Bloom: Loads of ruffled, single pink flowers cover this rose.

Height: 2’-3’

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Slight tea fragrance

Compact mounding habit. Free-flowering rose. Zone 5. Favored by pollinators.

Funny Face

Color of Bloom: Single light pink blooms have hot pink and white markings. Each bloom is unique. Flowers form in prolific clusters.

Height: 3’-4’

Spread: 3’

Fragrance: Slight

Everblooming. Upright, rounded shape. Zone 4. Easy Elegance Rose

Grandma’s Blessing

Color of Bloom: Large Dusty Pink. Recurrent bloomer. (flowers resemble a hybrid tea in form)

Height: 2-3'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: Slight

Vase shaped habit. Repeat bloomer. Easy Elegance Rose

High Voltage

Color of Bloom: Double yellow blossoms held in clusters. Recurrent bloomer.

Height: 3'-5'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Yes

Own Root. Hardy Zone 4. Easy Elegance Rose.

In Your Eyes

Color of Bloom: Single flowers of offer unique pastel tones of light yellow that fade to a lavender-white both with a distinct burgundy eye giving it a bi-color look.

Height: 6’-8’

Spread: 2’-3’

Fragrance: Mild

Abundant repeat blooms in clusters. Zone 5.

Julia Child

Color of Bloom: Golden yellow clusters are everblooming

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Strong licorice candy scent

Floribunda rose. Everblooming


Color of Bloom: Velvety red flowers resemble a hybrid tea form.

Height: 2.5'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Slight

Own root, very hardy Zone 4. Rounded habit. Recurrent bloomer.


Knock Out Roses

A series of hardy shrub roses known for easy care, superior disease resistance and everblooming qualities.

Coral Knock Out

Color of Bloom:  Clusters of bright coral flowers

Height: 4'-5'

Spread: 4'-5'

Fragrance: No

Everblooming.  Forms decorative orange-red rose hips in Fall.  Zone 5.

Double Knock Out

Color of Bloom: Double Red

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: Slight

GREAT garden performance. A double flowered version of the traditional Knockout Rose. Drought tolerant once established

Peachy Knock Out

Color of Bloom: Soft peachy-pink blooms with a yellow eye.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: No

Easy care, and everblooming.  Color intensifies in cooler weather Zone. 4.

Pink Double Knock Out

Color of Bloom:  Deep double pink

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance:  Slight

Green leaves turn deep purple in Fall for twice the show. Zone 5

Red Knock Out - The Original

Color of Bloom: Hot Pink to a Cherry Red. Everblooming.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3'

Fragrance: Slight

GREAT garden performance. Self-cleaning, disease resistant, EASY CARE shrub rose.

Sunny Knock Out

Color of Bloom: Bright yellow flowers that fade to a creamy color. When in full bloom it appears to have three different colors.

Height: 3'-5'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: Yes, this Knock Out is fragrant

Easy care, very long bloom time.

Lotty's Love

Color of Bloom: Purple semi-double blooms. Everblooming.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: Strong cinnamon

Everblooming. Rugosa rose. Disease resistant. Develop red rose hips in Fall. First Editions Rose. Zone 3.

Morden Sunrise

Color of Bloom: Coral in bud, that softens to apricot with age. Yellow center.

Height: 2'-3'

Spread: 2'-4'

Fragrance: Excellent Tea Rose scent

Music Box

Color of Bloom: Double blooms of creamy yellow centers edged in pink tones. Everblooming.

Height: 3'

Spread: 3'

Fragrance: Moderately Sweet

Everblooming. Easy Elegance Rose

Oscar Peterson

Color of Bloom: Semi-double flowers start off soft yellow cream and turn to bright white. Everblooming.

Height: 2'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Slight

Bred in Canada and named after Canadian jazz pianist. Own root, hardy and tough.

Oso Easy Italian Ice

Color of Bloom: Soft Yellow and Pink semi-double flowers

Height:  up to 30"

Spread: up to 30"

Fragrance:  Mild

Everblooming, smaller mounded rose. Disease resistant. Zone 4.

Patriot Dream

Color of Bloom: Salmon buds open to large orange ruffled flowers

Height: 3'-4’

Spread: 2’-3'

Fragrance: Fruity

Patriot Dream was named in honor of all those lost when American Airlines Flight 77 was deliberately crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001
Hybrid tea shaped blooms. Upright, mounded, compact rose. Everblooming. A First Editions Rose. Zone 5.

Pillow Fight

Color of Bloom:  Clusters of pure white double flowers

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3-4'

Fragrance:  Strong sweet honey scent

A continuous repeat bloomer with a lower, rounded habit

Screaming Neon Red

Color of Bloom: Intense red. Recurrent bloomer.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Mild

BONUS: The foliage turns burgundy-red in the fall. Own Root. Hardy Zone 4. Easy Elegance Rose.

Sweet Fragrance

Color of Bloom: Hybrid tea shaped buts. Apricot flowers with a yellow base are held in clusters. Everblooming.

Height: 2'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Yes, sweet scent

Everblooming. Upright form, own root. Zone 5.

Therese Bugnet

Color of Bloom: Double pink blossoms

Height: 4'-6'

Spread: 4-6'

Fragrance: Slight

Very hardy... to Zone 2. Purple tinged foliage and red canes in Fall. Extremely disease resistant. Light repeat bloom.

Top Gun

Color of Bloom: Clusters of dark red single, long lasting flowers. Repeat bloomer.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Moderate.

Hardy Zone 5. Bred for disease resistance. Rounded habit.

Winnipeg Parks

Color of Bloom: Deep pink blooms. Repeat bloomer.

Height: 3'-4'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: Slight
New growth is burgundy.


Climbing Roses: A Wall of Color

There are many varieties of climbing roses, but it's important that you choose one that suits your climate. Climbing roses developed from hybrid tea roses have a hard life in the Pikes Peak region.  They die back so much each winter that they typically never achieve more than 2-3 feet of height, if they survive at all. Instead, Phelan's chooses to offer mostly climbers developed from Northern European roses. Not only do these types of climbers make it through the winters, they can actually climb 6 to 10 feet tall, giving you a wall of color. Below are some rose varieties that will survive and thrive in the Pikes Peak region.  See our rose care guidelines for additional information.

Above All

Color of Bloom: Clusters of salmon-orange flowers

Height: 10'-14'

Spread: varies

Fragrance: Moderately fruity fragrance

Very good disease resistance. Zone 5.


Color of Bloom: Abundant clusters of scarlet red semi-double flowers. Repeat bloomer.

Height: 8'-14'

Spread: 6'-8'

Fragrance: Slight

Deadhead to prolong bloom

Cecile Brunner

Color of Bloom: Light pink blooms resemble miniature hybrid tea flowers

Height: 10’+

Spread: 4'-6'

Fragrance: Mild sweet scent

Small but profuse blooms are around 1.5”-2”. Dense foliage and relatively few thorns for a rose. A vigorous climber that is suitable for training over arches or other supports.

Fourth of July

Color of Bloom:  Showy semi-double red and white splashed/striped blooms

Height: 10'-14'

Spread: 3'-4'

Fragrance: Slight

Continuous bloomer. Zone 5

Golden Opportunity

Color of Bloom: Golden yellow

Height: 8’-10’

Spread: 4'-6'

Fragrance: Yes - fruity and strong

Bred from well-known roses Julia Child and Autumn Sunset for fragrance and yellow flowers. Repeat bloomer. Zone 5.

Iceberg, climbing form

Color of Bloom: Bright clear white, born in clusters that smother this plant in blooms. One stem can have as many as 12 blooms.
Height: 7'-8'
Spread: 3'-4'
Fragrance: Sweet rose scent
This is a climbing, floribunda rose that was a Gold Medal winner. Profuse bloomer with repeat flushes all season. Dense, bushy habit. Unique in that it will bloom in as little as 4 hours of direct sun/day-- however, you will see fewer blooms in this type of light. Great winter hardiness. (There are other forms of Iceberg roses that are a more
compact, shrub form). Blooms on old wood.

Kiss Me Kate Arborose

Color of Bloom: Blush Pink

Height: 10’

Spread: 4'-6'

Fragrance: Strong

Vigorous Climber with dark green foliage and excellent disease resistance. Zone 5.

Lady in Red

Color of Bloom: Large rich red ruffled flowers

Height: 8'-10’

Spread: 6'+

Fragrance: Light tea fragrance

Good repeat bloom Zone 4.

Ramblin' Red

Color of Bloom: Large, deep red ruffled flowers

Height: 8'-10'

Spread: 4'-6'

Fragrance: Slight

Repeat flowering. Zone 4.

Sky’s The Limit

Color of Bloom: Light yellow double blooms in clusters

Height: up to 10'

Spread: 2'-3'

Fragrance: Slight

Blooms on new wood. Prune in late Spring to promote new growth for more flowers.

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