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Annuals For Sun

Annuals bring an exuberance and vitality to the garden.  These are the flowers that bloom all summer and then say 'adieu' when the cold sets in.  For hardy flowers that come back year after year, see our perennial listing.  Plant these cheerful, showy flowers in-ground for season long bloom or in combination with perennials and shrubs.  Or create new combos in containers that can be moved around for pops of color.  See our links below to help you with these endeavors.

Annuals By Height

Container Tips & Tricks

Accent Foliage to Pair with Annuals

Fertilizing & Care

We recommend you fertilize with a slow release fertilizer at planting time (Osmocote or natural Marine Cuisine). Follow up with a good liquid fertilizer when blooming starts to fade. Many of the newer hybrid annuals do not need to be deadheaded to produce new blooms. However, it won't hurt if you choose to do this.  Give haircuts later in the season as your plants become leggy. Light pruning will encourage new growth and give you fuller plants.

The annuals listed below all prefer at least 6 hours of direct sun to bloom well. Although they are all sun lovers, you will find that some bloom harder during cold weather (dianthus) while others love the heat (moss rose, zinnias).

Insider's Tip: Later in the season...treat yourself to a fun 'flower' day trip at the Ft. Collins Trial Gardens.

Pictured below is a photo display of the types of annuals we offer in Spring.  Although we try to give you highlights of our line-up for Spring, we aren't able to picture EVERY annual flower we carry.  So, be sure to stop by the greenhouse to see what's new!  **Please note, for best selection come mid-April to mid-May.  Specific varieties will change each season.** 

Alyssum (Sweet Alyssum)

Ageratum (Floss flower)

Argyranthemum (Marguerite Daisies)

Angelonia (Summer Snapdragons)

Bacopa (Sutera)

Begonias Wax

Although begonias are typically a shade plant.  This type can also take full sun.


Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia)

Train these up a support or use them as a trailer in hanging baskets or containers. They come in shades of orange, yellow, and white (most with a black eye).

Bougainvillea (Paper Flower)

Will also bloom in part sun

Calendula (Pot Marigold)


Will also bloom in part sun.  Offered in a wide range of colors from yellows, oranges, pinks and reds to blue and purple.


Wonderful vertical accent for mid-summer height.  A good choice for moist spots.
Typically available late  Spring/Early Summer.


A type of Dianthus



Cleome (Spider flower)


Dianthus (Sweet William)




Geraniums - Regal / Martha Washington Types

Geraniums - Zonal Types

A favorite for their dependable blooms... geraniums come in reds, pinks, whites, and salmon colors)


Hyacinth Bean Vine

Take your garden to new heights with this climbing vine!...attractive burgundy-veined dusky green leaves with burgundy stems, lavender flowers followed by deep purple bean pods.  (see our seed rack for this option)



Marigold – African Types

These types of marigolds tend to be taller.  (Photos Courtesy Ball Horticultural Company)

Marigold – French Types

Typically 8"-20" in height

Morning Glory

See these GROW to new heights in your garden... many options on our seed racks


Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco)


Petunia - Trailing Types

Wonderful for hanging baskets, containers, and in-ground plantings. We offer new hybrids every year in an array of colors.  Pictures below will give you an idea of the many types of colors these easy blooming plants can represent.  Since annuals come and go quickly, we aren't able to update all in-stock varieties.  Please stop by this Spring to see current year selections.

Petunia - Seed Types

These are typically sold in packs.  We sell both single and double flowered varieties.

Portulaca (Moss Rose)


Sanvitalia (Creeping Zinnia)

Scarlet Runner Beans

Plant some of these from seed or starter plants.  Their red flowers are a hummingbird favorite.

 Scaveola (Fan Flower)


Many varieties available in our seed department


Dwarf and Tall Varieties Offered


Each color offers a different fragrance


Vinca Flowers

Loves heat!  This is a different plant from vinca VINE


Will also grow and bloom in part sun or shade.


A favorite for hot, sunny places

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